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Summer 2014

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  • DAILYOM: Cloud Meditation: Head in the Clouds
  • Alexandra’s Insights: If You Ask a Woman about her weight
  • Options For Life Demystifying Flaxseed and Estrogen
  • Physical Advantage: "Hurts So Bad"
  • Ask Annie-The Detox Diva: The Smoke Point of Olive Oil and Grapeseed Oils
  • Guest Columnist Melissa Williams 5 Things a Food Journalist Will Not Eat
  • Dreamworks: Dogs: Our Loyal Allies in Waking Life and in Our Dreams
  • Quickie Chick: Exhausted? Try A "Staycation!"
  • Modern Sage: Let Your Hair Off the Hook
  • Healing Scents: Updating Your Medicine Cabinet with Therapeutic Essential Oils
  • Nutritional Bites: Nutritional Nuggets to Bite into This Summer
  • & MUCH MORE!

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Summer 2014 just keeps bringing on the great weather...and we’ve dedicated this issued of Natural Healing, Natural Wellness to help you enjoy “Hot Fun in the Summertime.”

It’s peak vacation season—whether you take to the road for adventure or are like our columnist Laurel House and craving a “staycation.” Get more out of your travels by learning how to avoid jet lag from our very special guest columnist , award-winning French food blogger and cookbook author Clotilde Dusoulier...You’ll also discover how to navigate around yucky airplane food, courtesy of Vani Hari the FoodBabe. Speaking of food, our other guest columnist, Melissa Williams of Healing Lifestyles & Spa and co-owner of Yoga Junction lists the five things a food journalist won’t eat (and that we shouldn’t, either). And our Natural Medicine Woman Michelle explains how you can “feed” your skin, while Detox Diva Annie gives you the lowdown on using cooking oils safely.

There’s plenty of other fabulous and fascinating articles ahead...Roufia’s nutritional nuggets and recipes, Joan’s expert aromatherapy advice for updating your medicine cabinet, Doug’s dream insights into our four-legged “best friends,” Laurie’s health and exercise pointers geared especially for hot weather, and Alexandra’s take on tapping. Elyn demystifies flaxseed and estrogen, Deborah discusses reflexology and Lyme disease, Modern Sage Leah encourages us let our hair off the hook, DailyOM gives us permission to enjoy having our heads in the clouds, and in Cosmic Confidential, Eric reveals what his life has been like as a horoscope writer. As always, there’s plenty of news and Topricin tips, too.

Enjoy your summer travels—and don’t forget to take along Topricin, snap a photo, and enter our “Where in the World is Topricin” contest for a chance to win a grand prize worth more than $1,000 (details inside!).

Wishing you good health, joy, and a most glorious summer,

Aurora Paradise
Chief Operations Officer and Publisher

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